Monday, September 6, 2010

Solo trail riding in Calabogie

The Madawaska Highlands forest has hundreds (maybe thousands) of Kilometres of fantastic trail riding. Every time I head out to the Calabogie area I find new routes. Fortunately I've got a proper outdoor/hiker's GPS now, otherwise, I'd surely have become bear food.

I carried my big, heavy Nikon DSRL with a big, heavy zoom... When I stopped at Neat (coffee shop in Burnstown) I discovered that I forgot the damn memory card at home in my computer. Fortunately, the iPhone works well enough in a pinch.

Couldn't find anyone to come with me today so I decided to take a solo ride and explore. Awesome ride. Clocked 275 Kms by the time I got home. Weather was quite chilly compared to the hot, humid, heat-wave weather of this past week - barely 10 degrees Celcius this morning when I left Starbuck's around 10 am. Wearing only an MX jersey over my protective gear - definitely cold on the ride out there.

Hwy 417 all the way to the 17, just before Renfrew.
Then hopped onto the 508 into Calabogie, then a
short distance down the 511 and onto the K&P Trail.
Spent the afternoon riding the K&P and venturing
down every little trail I saw. Then it was Flower
Station Rd, Campbell's Rd -- then a short ride down
the 511 again, and the power lines to Darling Rd.
Then onward to Tatlock Rd, to Wolf Grove and into
Almont and superslab to get back home.

Muddy trail off the K&P

Somewhere along the power lines between Hwy 511 and Darling Rd.

I can't say enough about this terrific tire:
Michelin T63 with about 1,750 Kms on it.
Still has 9 mm tread left !!!
only $55  !!!!

This Continental TCK-80 has over 8,000 Kms on it now.
Tread depth is still about 8.5 mm
I'd like to replace it with my new Michelin for next weekend's
Calabogie Boogie race, but there's still so much damn tread left.