Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Klim pants, gloves, jersey

Bought some new riding apparel just in time for last weekend's Calabogie Boogie. I've always heard plenty of good things about the quality of Klim gear, and AtomicMoto seems to have a good reputation of selling only products that are worth buying. So, I went to their website and ordered 3 items: the 2009 Klim Chinook pants on sale for $87 (reg. $120), and the Revolt Jersey for $40, and Mojave gloves for $18.  Because the order was over $100, it qualified for free shipping within the US (yes, I drove down to Ogdensburg yet again to pickup my stuff).

My experience with the website was terrific and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. And the quality of this Klim stuff is top notch, for sure. I'm extremely impressed with the pants. They really stand out as being exceptional quality. I've seen pants of considerably inferior quality sell for more than I paid for these. The gloves? Well, they're gloves. The jersey? Again, it's a jersey, but it's exactly as they described: it's not as breathable as the Baja jersey they sell, but that's why I chose it: I want it for fall weather riding. Good fit and good quality.

 2009 Klim Chinook pants were on sale for $87 (reg. $120)

Mojave gloves for $18

Revolt Jersey for $40