Sunday, August 22, 2010

trail riding with ADV'ers

Hooked up with 4 other ADVRiders today and hit the trails along the power lines -- off Hwy 511 near Calabogie. Even though all four of them ride KLR's, I didn't hold that against them. Actually, they were a great bunch and we had a blast -- even if we did get caught in the rain. Hopefully we can get this group out again.

This was the route we followed. I turned on my new
Garmin Oregon GPS as we passed Carleton Place (Hwy 7).

We met up at Tim Horton's (Hazeldean & Terry Fox)

Quartz Quarry on Tatlock Rd.
That's a giant excavator way down at the bottom.

Well, Fuck You, too !

ADVRider inmates: Quantis, DVD_Scott, Rider23, Koi

Odometer: 20,999