Monday, August 23, 2010

More farkling

Installed the new IMS footpegs. As Tony the Tiger would say: "They're great!" They provide a nice wide, solid, non-slip platform to stand on. Kinda expensive at $80, but they make a crappy trail rider think he has skill.

2-week update: One thing I noticed about these rather expensive pegs is that they are a very snug fit in the peg mounts, that is, they fit so tightly that they don't fold up. If I hit a rock hard enough, sure, they might fold up as they should, but I'm sure they would remain in that position. During installation, it took some real encouragement to get those suckers in the slot and to line up the hole for the pin (I used a rubber/plastic deadblow hammer). In any event, they are much better than the OEM pegs. They sure feel a whole lot more stable when you stand up. I can't help but wonder though if those $20 eBay pegs would have been the same (they look identical).

New Skidplate:

I also ditched the parking sign, in favour of a real skid plate. After looking at all the brand name models available, I finally selected the one made by Pat Walsh Designs. At a tickness of 3/16" it's the heaviest gauge aluminum among the all the brands of skidplates I've seen. Plus, it's full length. That is, it goes all the way to the back of the engine. Many of the cheaper brands clamp onto the frame rails about 5" from the rear, but I don't know what their engineers were thinking.  This one goes all the way back, and it bolts onto the mounting tabs provided by Suzuki. This one is definitely the ticket and not crazy expensive ($120).