Sunday, August 15, 2010

Manypause Beer and Motorcycle Club

Went for a great ride with a bunch who call themselves the Manypause Beer and Motorcycle Club. This year, the club marked its 10th anniversary ride for Max Naterrer. I'm told Max was an unusual character who brought together a unique and unlikely gang of motorcyclists, more than 30 years ago. He was a wealthy businessman who loved and owned many types of motorcycles, and he regularly led this gang of two-wheeled friends on many adventures. He also loved a good party with his friends.

Max died 10 years ago while on a ski trip to Aspen, Colorado. Every year the club [not formally a club, rather, a casual group of riders] meets at the Centennial Restaurant in Pakenham, and they chart a ride for the day. For the 10th anniversary ride, the group of ~ 30 riders ended up at the Bent Anchor Bar in Combermere. The bar sits at the edge of the water along a very peaceful stretch of the Madawaska River. The main group took paved roads the whole way, while 3 of us followed an alternate route which included many Kilometres of some of the nicest gravel and dirt roads in this part of Ontario.
Bacon 'n eggs breakfast in Pakenham to start the day.

Max Naterrer - the person behind this gang of motorcyclists

Centennial Restaurant -Pakenham, ON

Jim led the way on his trusty DR650 for the 
three of us who rode gravel roads

Bent Anchor Bar - Combermere, ON

John's shiny new KTM Enduro 690 attracted a crowd of 
drooling, jealous on-lookers 

Jim's DR all decked out with Moose racks and Pelican cases.
Jim, John, and a few others are headed to Baja in October.

Local CBC personality Simon Gardner rides a sweet KTM 690SM

This is far from accurate, but the route looked
something like this. About 450 Kms for the day.

As a side note, the new Michelin T63 rear tire has impressed me so far. It's now got 850 Kms of use, mostly paved roads. On pavement, it's almost as good as a TCK-80, produces a little more noise, but off-road I'd say it's a little better. And in the mud, it's definitely better. Tread wear has gone from 10 mm deep lugs when brand new, to 9 mm after 850 Kms. It had great grip on the gravel running at ~20 psi. For the street, I've been running ~33 psi.
Odometer: 20,689 Kms