Monday, June 28, 2010

TCK-80 tire wear update - again

A little over 4,000 Kms on the Continental Twinduro TCK-80 tires and I must say these have been great tires.  Again, most of my daily riding is pure abuse, accelerating hard and wheelie-ing all the way to the office and home again, with some weekend rides to fire roads and trails through the woods. They're a very competent performer off-pavement, not the greatest in mud (but decent), perfect for gravel roads, quiet on the asphalt and very good grip in the rain.

A few weeks ago I had been riding offroad all afternoon with 15 psi in the tires, and forgot to pump them back up before getting on th highway for the hour-long ride home at 120 Km/hr. This stupid move on my part probably cost 20 % of the tire's entire life.

Rear tire - new

Rear tire after 1,000 Kms

Rear tire after 2,000 Kms

Rear tire after 4,000Kms

Front tire - new

Front tire after 1,000 Kms

Front tire after 2,000 Kms

Front tire after 4,000 Kms -- still looks almost new.

Conclusion: Well, the rear tire is definitely nearing the end of its life. If I hadn't ridden that hour or so on the highway with 15 psi it might look a little different. The front is still looking great, though. I'm definintely impressed with it. And considering how much I abuse these tires on the street, all the wheelies and hard acceleration, I'm quite suprised the rear has held up this well.

I've just ordered a new set of rubber -- this time, a pair of Michelin T63 knobbies. They're supposed to be similiar to the Continentals, but cheaper: the pair was $109 US shipped (from That's nearly 1/2 the price of the Continentals.

Odometer: 17,401 Km