Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend of trail riding

I managed to rack up about 800 Kms this weekend, riding back and forth to rural areas west of Ottawa(Calabogie, Ompah / Mosque Lake) as well a good number of trails in those areas. It was a long weekend (May two-four) and the weather was terrific. I enjoyed two days of riding with two groups of people.

1st Ride: Monday

Saturday was a trail maintenance day for the BMA. I joined in and went along to explore some fantastic trails in the Calabogie area. No idea where we went -- I was just following the leader. Saw some great trails and got a real workout. Managed to dump the bike in a big muck hole and got my leg trapped under the bike while lying in 10-12 inches of muddy water. Fortunately, Scott was there to lift the bike off me (you just know KLR riders are strong because their bikes are heavier than DR's).

We rode a total ~100 Kms of trails and gravel before the day was done. It's too bad it takes an hour of highway riding to get to the area. We also walked a couple of Kms with folding saws and cleared from branches from the trails. Kevin --the KTM man-- our guide and leader, knows these trails very well and showed us an awesome time.


taking a breather

first break of the day

The little KTM got drowned in the giant puddle
 (deeper than it looks -- airbox full of water)

a serious tool for riding through the woods

The muck hole where I had my get-off

Airing up the tires before the ride home.

Ready to head for home

2nd ride: Monday

Then on Monday (Queen Elizabeth's birthday) a bunch of ADV riders were getting together for a ride on some trails the other side of Ompah. A great bunch of guys and we had a great time. Got up at 5am and met at Tim Horton's in Almonte by 7am. Trails weren't as 'hardcore' as the BMA trails but a lot of fun, and still challenging at times. I had to split a little early to head for home, while the others apparently suffered through a gruelling trail shortly after my departure.

Almonte Timmies -  way too early in the morning

one of the half-dozen or so muck holes we passed through

break time

Hydro line trails - easy going

The lone Beemer (the sleek 800GS)

One of a pair of big KTM's (these are monster bikes)

I sent my wife a text message to tell her that
I was on my way home, but she was on her way
to the beach with the kids. So I rode to the
beach and spent the rest of the afternoon there
(Gatineau Park).

Odometer: 16,625 Km