Thursday, May 13, 2010

TCK-80 tire wear update

About a month ago, I gave a tire wear update after the first 1,000 Kms on my new Continental TCK-80 Twinduro tires. 

Time for another update to show what they look like after 2,000 Km. Again, I've mostly been riding it hard and wheelie-ing all the way to work and back, so mostly hard city riding. These tires have seen a little off-road action since the first 1,000 Kms, but not much.

Rear tire - new

Rear tire after 1,000 Kms

Rear tire after 2,000 Kms

Front tire - new

Front tire after 1,000 Kms

Front tire after 2,000 Kms

Conclusion: the rear tire is beginning to show some wear, but there's still plenty of life left in it. The front, on the other hand, is barely showing any sign of wear, maybe because it spends a lot of time in the air. I've been abusing these tires for 2,000 Kms now on the street mostly (I've probably ridden less than 50 Kms in the dirt).  I will buy these tires again. They've proven to be pretty good on the street as far as their ability to provide grip on wet and dry asphalt. They've also proven to be a very good tire off-road. They are remarkably quiet on the street for a light knobby.

Odometer: 15,452 Km