Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The weather during these first few days of April has been truly and unusually spectacular. I took day off work and went riding around the Calabogie area with Evan on his 600RR. It was so great, we went back a couple of days later and Andrew joined us with his VFR. Too bad these guys don't have dual sports because I spotted some very nice fire roads in the area. Oh well, we still had lots of fun even though we never left the pavement.

Stopped for coffee and fancy pastries at this place in Burnstown on Hwy 508.

Then we stopped for pub food and beer at this place at the edge of the Mississippi River in Almonte

After a weekend of riding and covering about 500 Kms, I have come to realize that a larger gas tank is definitely in order for the DR. I've been considering a larger tank for a while but after this past week, a larger tank has now moved up a few notches on my priority list. With taller gearing (15/43 vs. 16/42 stock), the pumper carb and jetting, open airbox, K&N filter, GSXR exhaust this bike sure honks but the fuel range is downright louzy: 200 Km to reserver if I'm lucky, and that's relaxed highway riding. In the city, I might see 140 Km (that actually works out to 42 mpg hwy and 37 mpg city). With the Canadian dollar now at par with the US, you can bet I'll be ordering an IMS 4.9 gallon tank very soon.