Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dirt !

Well the rain has stopped after nearly a full week of louzy weather. And even better than that, I found a new dual sport riding buddy who lives nearby. We decided to explore an area a little south of the city, not far from the airport.  Turns out that my newfound KRL buddy was scouting the place out last week and found a way into the area that the locals refer to as the airport pit. It's a big maze of dirt, sand, gravel, and shale trails and pathways, big hills, little hills, trees, grassy fields, and  dense brush -- all types of riding terrain in this area that seems to be a few square kilometres in size.

We saw a number of people walking their dogs, and a handful of motocross bikes. We played around the area for a couple of hours, then we buggered off to browse around the local Kawi-BMW-Triumph dealer to finish off the afternoon. While there, we chatted with another KLR owner for a good 30 minutes or so.

The airport pit

teenager on a two-sroke RM125 ??

KLR rider we met at the dealer