Sunday, March 14, 2010

New project: restoring a 1993 Suzuki JR50

I bought a bike for the kids last fall. Yes, it needs some TLC, but it's actually in pretty good condition overall. It's a 1993 Suzuki JR50 and I think I paid $250 for it. It also came with a bag of new parts (chain, front sprocket, rear tube, air filter, gasket kit). Over the winter, I spent about $50 for new tires, a tube, and a spoke kit.

So far, the carburetor has had a thorough cleaning inside and out. I've replaced the tires and tubes, and gave the wheels a real good scrubbing, and replaced a bunch of broken/missing spokes in the rear wheel.

I'm planning to repaint all the plastics, yank the engine out of the frame and give the casings a fresh coat of paint, along with the exhaust system.

The rear brake shoes look to be worn enough that I will probably order some new ones.

As purchased for $250 in October 2009

disassembly has begun