Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OK, so winter has arrived now.

Pretty cold today but I decided to ride to work anyway. I couldn't help but feel that I got ripped off with regard to the last few days of nice riding weather about 10 days ago. I was working out of town all last week, and while the preceeding weekend was unusually nice weather for early December, I wasn't able to get out for a ride because my wife had stuff to do, leaving me to mind the kids. And then I left town for a 6-day work trip. The day after I left we had our first major dump of snow (about 25cm) and we've had several small snow falls since then. So the streets are now lined with waist-high snowbanks but I still wanted to ride. The main roads are clear as they've been salting them.

The thermometer showed -13 Celcius when I was warming up the bike. The tires (Avon Distanzias) gripped suprisingly well given the cold temps. Neck warmer, helmet, gloves, jacket and boots and jeans. I decided to forgo my overpants because the ride to the office is just 6Kms across the city. My knees were a little cold but not so bad.

Need to yank the top end of the engine soon and get that leaky base gasket replaced. Maybe over the holidays.