Friday, October 2, 2009

The old SV has been sold again.

Just found out the guy with whom I traded my old SV650 for the DR650 has already unloaded the SV. He apparently bought a CBR1000. Anyway, he had the SV painted shortly after we traded. Don't know what was wrong with the original paint (it was in perfect condition)... but I guess he needed to paint the lower fairings I threw into the deal so he decided he would change the colour of the entire bike.
When the paint job didn't turn out to his satisfaction, I guess he decided to have it painted again...Here is the first paint job that was done just a few days after we made the trade:

The colour wasn't quite what he had in mind. Shoulda left the colour as it was, if you ask me.

I think it looks awful...Yuck! Not only is the colour ugly but the big "Suzuki" decal across the tank is just ridiculous. I went out of my way to remove all the stickers, labels and markings because I know what kind of bike I ride; there's no need to advertise. Here's the photo from the ad he placed to sell the bike:

And here it is after the 2nd paint job. I don't know which colour looks worse. And the big ugly SUZUKI decal looks awful.