Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old Bastards !

Gregg and I took a ride to Delta to check out the Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Club's 2009 Rally. Beautiful weather, and a bunch of beautiful bikes. An hour-and-a-half's ride away. Is there any better way to spend a Saturday?
As we were arriving, just a few hundred yards from the campground where the event was taking place, Gregg spotted someone he knew whose bike had broken down. The guy was riding a beautifully and meticulously restored 1952? Vincent Comet. After shutting off the engine for a moment at the local general store, it refused to start again. We, stopped to help and looked on as the owner fiddled with it for 2 hours. It would run, but it wouldn't do anything more than idle roughly. In the parking lot the carb was taken apart and nothing obvious was found. Finally, he walked back to the campground to get his van and trailer to pick it up. It may possibly have been just a tank of bad gas (he had topped up the tank minutes before).
We then went over to the main event for a look. Here is a sampling of what we saw:

Russian bike with side-car (Ural, I think)

Beautiful Matchless. Looked like it just rolled out of the factory.

A real work of art: Indian Roadliner. ... the real deal.

Ariel Fourster / Square Four (4 cylinders, 2x2) incredible museum quality condition.

the Ariel, again

50's Triumph

BSA with Jawa side car

BMW with side car

Honda CB750Four 'K' series
OK, maybe not 'vintage' but it was in great condition.

1930's Royal Enfield 225 c.c. two-stroke

Royal Enfield running

Royal Enfield


Norton 850 Commando




Red Panther (late 1930's, model 20, I think)

The broken down Vincent Comet. Stunning, and valued at more than a wheelbarrow full of gold.


Identical to the 1981 Yamaha RD350 I rode for a decade. This one was in terrific shape.