Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bye bye, SV650..... Hello, DR650.

Well, it's done. I found a big dirt bike: a DR650 -- its owner was looking for something a little more sporty, and I was looking for something a little more dirty. The DR in question is a 2003 model, and had just 6,800 Km on the odometer. That's 1/2 the 13,5000 clicks I logged on the 2007 SV. We worked out a deal in which we traded bikes, plus I ended up with a pocket full of $50 bills. He's happy, I'm happy: we both got what we want.
I've still got a basement full of leftover accessories and spare parts from the SV. The new owner bought some of the stuff from me, and what's left will find its way to eBay.
Only been riding the DR for a week but so far, it's love all the way. This thing is just so much fun. Plenty of power to get up and go, and a really squishy ride with the long travel suspension -- it floats like a Cadillac, no really. I never realized how much I missed riding dirt bikes. Too bad it isn't fuel injected. It's extremely comfortable: straight upright riding position, knees are hardly bent, sit up nice and high for a clear view (like riding in an SUV). The seat is a little narrow and might become hard on the ass for long rides, though.
And of course, the modding has already begun. A little digging in places like and led me to the first mod: the exhaust. The factory muffler severely restricts airflow. Replacing the muffler, along with the appropriate airbox mods and carb jetting unleashes the DR's true personality: they can be mean power monsters. The main part of the mod is to get a hold of a factory muffler from a 2001-2002 GSXR1000, which was of a lightweight titanium design. The '01-'03 GSXR600/750 models came with a [nearly] identical muffler but made of aluminium (a little heavier). Then next part involves a custom Two Brothers mid-pipe with a gixxer 4-bolt muffler flange welded onto it, along with a stage 2 DynoJet kit from the leading DR guru, Jesse Kientz. This guy knows everything there is to know about making the DR into a real fun bike. On a local classified ad board I found a practically brand new gixxer600 muffler for real cheap, and I've also got a lead on the coveted gixxer1000 muffler but it apparently has some minor road rash. I hoping to get there to check it out tomorrow. If the rash isn't too bad, maybe I'll buy it also ... just to have both on hand (they're cheap).
I've also ordered a genuine Suzuki luggage rack for the rear fender and I plan to find a hard box (à la Givi).
Here it is, my new love.